Japanese Antique Wall Plaque | Shunga

Antique Japanese Ceramic Wall Plaque with Daruma and Shunga/Erotic Scene | Meiji Period



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Ceramic- 3-0”h x 2-3/4”w x 1-1/2”d; Plaque- 6-0”h x 3-1/4”

This rare Shunga Japanese Erotic Art of Daruma is on hand-crafted ceramic and shows the head of Daruma on the front nested together with a Shunga three-dimension figure of a samurai and geisha on the underside. Daruma’s head is surrounded by his red robe and is the focus of the front image. His open white eyes, expressive mouth, earring, black eyebrows, and whisk complete the image. This is sexually explicit art, not pornography, produced using the exact technical perfection as art in other formats by artists of the period. It is mounted on a paulownia wood base and hung so that the erotic image can be hidden from prying eyes.

Condition: Excellent original condition with well-executed images in full color on both sides. The ceramic figure attached to the plaque with cord and left loose enough to “peek”.

NOTE: Why is the image of Daruma and prostitution associated with Shunga art? Research shows that "Okiagari", (resilience) is a subject associated with Daruma, that is his ability to fall and get back up. Daruma's whole demeanor suggests rather incriminatingly that, for all his vaunted self-discipline, he still had to contend with a residue of human passion. Okiagari symbolizes perseverance and resilience.