Antique Japanese Woodblock Print (Sumizuri-e) of Daruma


Dimensions: Image: 15-3/4"L x 11-3/4"w; Archival Framing- 21-1/2"l x 17-1/2"w

Being offered is an original woodblock print, (sumizuri-e). The print of course represents Daruma,(Bodhidharma, patriarch of Zen Buddhism) from the Myouryuji Temple in Kanazawa. 

Daruma is shown with an exceptionally expressive face, meant to remind aspirants that achieving enlightenment can take tremendous effort. His protruding eyebrows are fashioned to look like a crane and a recognizable beard resembling the vague form of a tortoise, as both creatures represent longevity in Japan.  He sits in a meditative pose, arms crossed while wearing his traditional garment that is draped showing soft folds over his entire form with only his chest exposed, and represents a time when inner peace was of importance. The artist's untranslated signature is on the right-hand side of the piece with several owners' red seals on two sides of the work showing the evolution of ownership.

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Condition: Excellent, original condition, commensurate with age and limited use. Perfect and ready for display in a contemporary frame for has been archived in a black lacquered frame with a dark gray silk mat and burgundy liner.