Japanese Zuijin Doll

Antique Japanese Zuijin doll | Minister of the Left


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 10-0”h x 7-0”w x 7-0”d.

Zuijin, (also known as Zuishin), are Shinto protector deity modeled after one of the most powerful positions within the Japanese court during the Heian period. He is dressed as a captain of the imperial bodyguard, but in effect he was an escorts when noblemen would travel. Unofficially, however he was more powerful than those who outranked them. The Minister of the Left, (Sa-daijin), face and hands are made of Gofun, (pulverized oyster and clam shell coating on the surface which began in the Muromachi period). He is clothed in red with the face of a younger man with his mouth closed, holding his bow and arrows. He was originally fabricated sitting on top of an imitated animal skin rug. His sword, bow and arrows are intact with exceptional detailing. He typically flanks the entrances to a place of worship which his partner, the Minister of the Right.

Vintage Condition: Overall very good as would be consistent with age with some wear to the feathers on the arrows, but no fraying or loss of the silk material on the garments, no apparent fading of the garments and fully outfitted as originally made. “As is” with no flaws or cracking from the affects from aging, and retains the original craft/workmanship.