Antique Original Japanese Fuchi Kashira for Samurai Swords | Sword Restoration Fittings | Reimagined Jewelry

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Dimensions: Varying dimensions, refer to the last image for specific sizes

Being offered are Japanese sword fittings which are decorative elements for the hand guard, sword hilt, pommel, kozuka. The Japanese sword not only functioned as a weapon but also as an object to establish one’s status within the community, and show their personality and beliefs.

Offered are five (5) sets of Fuchi Kashira. Fuchi Kashira is a kind of metal fitting, mainly made of iron and copper with inlays of 24ct. gold, 925 silver, and bronze, and used for the Japanese sword, which improves the strength of the handle. Fuchi Kashira is a combination of two parts; Fuchi and Kashira. Fuchi was placed next to the Tsuba, (hand guard). Kashira was placed on the bottom of the grip. Fuchi Kashira was a main feature of the decoration of Japanese swords. 

Here is a description of each set shown in the order of the images shown: 

  1. Two figures: one laughing and one holding a balancing toy with a decorative fan trimmed | Silver, Gold, and a base of Bronze and mixed metals. 
  2. The figure of a sleeping man dressed in a robe crouching a round form and trimmed in gold, a fan, a rolling cart, and clouds on a base of mixed metals. 
  3. Trimmed in gold with a grouping of chestnut leaves on the top and indiscriminate forms on the bottom piece with mixed metals.
  4. Festival motif in gold on the top with mixed metals. 
  5. The helmet shape with scrolling clouds and bamboo leaves with a bird in gold with mixed metals. 

Kamon means family crest in Japanese. It is a logo mark that symbolizes each family in Japan. Probably, two different types of family crests are designed on Fuchi and Kashira. Lots of Samurai loved to put their family crests on their arms or armor. These were collected over the years from discarded swords and are individual loose sets, and do not come in a box as they were originally presented. These are perfect for the person who does the restoration, and repair of Japanese swords and for the jewelry designer.

Condition: Excellent condition, antique, and commensurate with age.

NOTE: The sword mountings of the Japanese sword have many kinds of decorations such as hand-guards (Tsuba), sword hilt (Menuki), and pommel (Fuchi Kashira). The sword mountings of the Japanese sword have many kinds of decorations depending on the personalization requested. The Japanese sword worked as a weapon and as an object to show who he was and their personalities and beliefs. We recommend you zoom in on the pictures of the sword fittings. When you do so, you can see the skill of Japanese metal engraving techniques, even though these are old and have not been restored. These sword fittings that have lived with Japanese swords of the same age might be worth as much as the Japanese swords.