Chinese Snuff Bottle

Chinese Peking Glass Carved ‘Cicada’ Snuff Bottle



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 2-1/2”l x 7/8”w  6/8” thick

An antique Peking Glass Chinese Snuff Bottle cleverly carved to depict a Cicada. Well hollowed, heavy for its size. Carapace and folded wings finely incised, the reverse shows the thorax and the abdomen carved with notched ridges. The mouth opens below bulging eyes. The very unique use of the variations of orange color with dark spots in the glass giving a three-dimensional depth to the piece. There is a flower etched into the Amber stopper which does not have a brass spoon attached for extracting the snuff. It was purchased and is being sold as an art piece and comes with its original Chinese Elmwood stand. Something different for the diverse collection!

Condition: The item is in excellent condition with no visible damage, chips, or cracks.