Japanese Bronze Garden Lantern

Contemporary Mini Japanese Bronze Lanterns | Zen Garden and Atrium Accent Lighting


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 16-0” h.

Atrium and display gardens have been part of Japanese culture for centuries. In Japan, atriums afford a very dramatic space for bringing nature into the center of the home and offer natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting in the evenings. The great civilizations of the old world worked in bronze for many forms of folk art, from the time of the introduction of the alloy for swords and weapons. These lanterns were purchased in 1989 from a Kyoto apprentice working under the direction of a metalsmith who use to make Japanese swords.

This set of three (3) handmade lanterns in nice detail and texture, are inspired by the thatched roof of a Japanese Folkhouse. They are hand-cast and made of bronze retaining a beautiful natural greenish patina and aged glass to transmit the light. These atrium lights were made specifically for small spaces that require soft accent lighting in an indoor Zen garden. In ancient times candles were placed in the lighting area, but today they are fully wired for electric lighting. This set will require a small low voltage transformer (ML88T), to connect to any nearby electrical outlet.

Condition: Excellent, beautiful as originally made. Excellent old-world craftsmanship details, especially the rooflines and simulated grass, with a gentle patina and creative feel. “As Is”, and retains the original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, surfacewear, or structural damage is noted. 

NOTE: In Japanese culture and civilization it is thought that lanterns symbolize the cycle of life, particularly focused on the figure of "mother" and family, and often referred to as 'remembering lanterns' that celebrate historical architecture. Additionally, many Japanese tea ceremonies were often held in the evenings and light was needed to both guide guests to the tea-room as well as accent interior gardens to enhance the ambiance.