Generosity in Clay by The Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture



Dimensions: 8-1/4"w x 11-0"h

This wonderful softcover catalog presents the viewer with a wide selection of more than fifty refined and intriguing masterpieces by thirty artists. A craft object should be “based on the aesthetic illusion of the person who makes it.”  Lacquer artist Yamizaki Kakutaro (1899-1984) pointed out the new turn that the entire Japanese crafts world had taken during the twentieth century questioned their position to claim their freedom to create apart from established models. The expression of the artist’s individuality, instead of being a c opponent of a work of art, became gradually the object of art. Thus the personality of the artist became a more and more important part of the creation. This catalog delivers faithful insights into Japanese modern ceramics.

All work is artist identified, with artists' pictures and bios, with full descriptions and color images of their work in English. ISBN: 978-0-9816535-2-9

Condition: Excellent softcover catalog, new condition, and unbroken spine.