Ikebana Today by Mit Ingelaere Ikebana Today by Mit Ingelaere


Ikebana Today by Mit Ingelaere

This 2007 edition shows a state of today's creative Ikebana, all over the world. Stichting Kunstboek Publishers appeals to a team of Ikebana specialists; Mrs. Mit Ingelaere vouches for their expertise and knowledge on this matter. Ikebana Today gathers contributions of talented floral artists coming from the whole Ikebana world, from various Ikebana schools. A series of excellent works illustrates the contemporary skills of Ikebana artists today, in classical as well as modern styles. This book is to become a valuable source of inspiration for all Ikebana artists, but also for florists and everyone who appreciates floral beauty. 207 illustrated pages.

Excellent, Like New condition.

Product Dimensions: 9-8" x 11.8"