Antique Bizen Pottery Suiteki

Japanese Antique Bizen-yaki Pottery Suiteki of Bodhidharma | Daruma

Age:Taisho (1920s)

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 3-0”h x 3-0”w x 2-0”d

This Japanese antique unglazed Bizen-yaki Suiteki of Daruma, (calligraphers water dropper) and was purchased in Kanazawa Japan and has an ironlike hardness and gradual colors on the silken surface with beautifully white wood-ash accents and a paddled design around his robe, all direct result of weeks of high-temperature firing. The form of the figure has significance and is seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular religious item of encouragement. The eyes of Daruma are widely open and symbolizes keeping track of one’s goals in life and are meant to motivate the owner to work to the finish. Daruma has an expressive face and is seated in a meditation pose and wrapped tightly in his hooded garment. 

The Suiteki is molded and cast in one piece and made to be comfortable easy to hold the matte surface. There are two holes one on the left part of his Cowl and one on the right shoulder of the figure and It is designed to fill the container and then release just one drop or a tiny stream of water onto ink or watercolor paint. One of four basic types of Bizen, this burning method is called 'Yohen', which refers to the effect of the abundance of ash cover creating a variety of colors, also known as a kiln 'mutation'. The piece is hand-signed Kanji in ink on the bottom of the figure. Delivered in its original Kiriwood box. Published in Expressions of Daruma in Folk Art, 2020.

Condition: No damage, no chips, no cracks or restorations. It is beautifully made and of high quality and this Bizen artist chose well when creating the thickness of ash and created a lovely combination of brown and natural kiln glaze. This piece gives the impression of a talented and experienced artist who created the piece. One of our focus is religious family worshipped Buddhist arts and feel this is a lovely piece with excellent representation of Bodhidharma (Daruma).