Japanese Antique Daruma Bowl

Japanese Antique Daruma Narumi-Oribe "Kashiki" Moist Sweets Bowl


Age:Post 1940

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 2-3/4”h x 7-0”dia

This is a fine and exceptional Narumi Oribe "Kashiki" Moist Sweets Bowl with the clay body having a very earthy feel with its layering of colors, beginning with the rich, olive-green copper glaze dripping over one side of the bowl with naturally occurring caramel-brown and cream glazing on the body with a white accent, (swirling detail) on both the inside and outside of the piece. The decorative Daruma motif on the inside and outside rim shows an under-glazed made with iron ink showing a green glaze outline of the figure with an orange-red color robe. His facial details are in black and expressive crane-styled eyebrows. One feature to notice is the rim and the general technical quality shown in its construction and how it feels since many Japanese also drink from the bowl after the contents have been eaten. The height of the bowl and the diameter of the body and its relation to the height and width of the foot rim shows that the piece is well designed and thrown. The foot is unglazed, while the underside of the bowl shows irregularities and an exceptional detailed scalloped relief and glazed like the other parts of the bowl. There is an impressed stamp on one side of the bottom of the bowl – not translated. Exceptional collectors find if one is into Daruma motif pottery.

Condition: Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or hairlines. 

NOTE: Oribe ware, (Oribe-yaki), is a classic style of pottery developed by the tea master Furata Oribe, (1544-1615), in the 16th century. Most of it is made in Seto province at the Mino kilns. He embodied the spirit of wabi tea so completely that he was able to give it form in a truly new and unique vision. Oribe ware is one of the most startling and innovative expressions of Japanese ceramics in existence, not only of this period but of all periods.