Japanese Antique Pottery Bowl

Japanese Antique Daruma Oribe Serving Dish



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 1-3/4”h x 6-1/4”dia

This is a dish for serving Kaiseki food to accompany the tea ceremony. Round shape with an irregular rim and Daruma motif on the inside bottom of the dish. The stoneware body shows a green glaze, white slip decoration, and painted iron-brown underglaze motifs. There is also characteristic fine crackling on both the interior and exterior of the piece. The unglazed ring foot is nicely proportioned to the overall design. The piece is unsigned.

Condition: Excellent condition, “As Is” with one small unglazed missing piece from the bottom of the dish which shows that it was done during firing. All other elements with natural imperfections.

NOTE: Futura Oribe, also known as Futura Shigenari, was a Daimyo warlord who lived from 1544 to July 6th, 1615 in Japan. He was also an artist and studied with the Tea Master Sen no Rikyu. He studied under him and was one of Rikyu’s seven exulted disciples. He was well educated, smart, and had an excellent sense of taste. Having been given one of Rikyu’s hand-carved Tea Scoops before Rikyu committed ritual suicide, Oribe called it ‘Tears’ and had a special bamboo tube made with a small window to view it while he venerated it.

His irregular forms and alien designs were the stuff of shock and awe in the stately quiet world of Tea. Under Rikyu’s advice and guidance, his new style of colors and patterns were so modern that even today one finds them to be cutting edge and worth studying. Speculation of his radical designs leads to the theory that he borrowed patterns from fabrics and objects brought by these foreigners to this far-off set of Islands. There are basically four types of Oribe ware; Green covering the whole piece, Green with White slip and iron oxide designs, a pale red with the same glaze and marks, and black.