Japanese Chirimen Silk One-Of-A-Kind Brooch | Daruma Fashion Accessory

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Dimensions: 2-0”h x 1-3/4”l

This one-of-a-kind, whimsical silk pin is made with Chirimen, (crepe), made from repurposed vintage silk fabrics of Daruma (Daruma is the Japanese abbreviation of the name of Bodhidharma the founder of the Zen branch of Mahayana Buddhism). This unique Brooch was created and crafted by a 90-year-old Japanese woman whose parents were Kimono makers. She focused on and learned how to make other decorative items such as miniature kimonos, and silk brooches, all hand-made and hand-stitched from small-scaled patterned silks to compliment her designs. The skillful use of the subject and fabrication technique gives this Takayama artist’s work a refined quality, transforming woven material into expressive three-dimensional shapes.

Condition: Excellent and beautiful examples of Japanese handicrafts retaining the original craft/workmanship showing wonderfully-developed sewing and stitching skills. A collectible and an exceptional fashion accessory for the collectors of textile arts.

NOTE: The Japanese believe that being a fashion decorative accessory, a unique and unusual interpretation of a brooch such as this is connected to our bodies, therefore symbolizes what a person admires and values as well as a quirk.