Ceramic Kokeshi

Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Kokeshi of a Young Girl


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 4-1/2”h x 3-0”dia

Kokeshi are celebrated as one of Japan’s treasured traditional folk arts. Good quality original Japanese Kokeshi are always handmade whether made in the original material being wooden, or more modern creations made of ceramic or metal. All continue to be standardly distinguished by a single trunk and head, with their faces and clothing painted onto the surface. Unlike most other types of dolls, Kokeshi Dolls don’t have defined hands, legs and feet, and represent a very minimalistic figure. 

There are two founding groups that represent the origin of Kokeshi Dolls. One dates back to as early as the 19th century, to the Tohoku region of Northern Japan, where farmers would carve Kokeshi Dolls for their children that were made from recycled wood while others being fabricated and sold at the local hot springs during winter by Traditional woodworkers. The second was a group of creative woodworkers in the Gunma Prefecture who began to produce non-traditional Kokeshi, (referred to as Sosaku), throughout Central regions of Japan. Both Traditional and Creative dolls spread throughout Japan by the tourists who bought them as mementos while visiting the hot springs where many were sold and continued to gain in popularity.

The piece being offered is handcrafted, glazed and follows the Creative, (Sosaku) simplistic design and form embracing the original Kokeshi shape with the incorporation of contemporary motif. This piece exhibits long textured brown hair; a simulated grey and blue overlapping Kimono with a cherry blossom motif, and an orange undergarment called a Juban. It has a wonderful expressive eyes and mouth. It has the makers mark on the bottom of the piece.

Condition: Excellent with no chips, dings or color loss.