Daruma Shino Tea Bowl

Japanese Daruma Winter Shino Chawan Tea Bowl


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 2-1/2”h x 4-1/4”dia

This is a beautiful, classical-shaped Japanese Winter Shino Ware bowl. Tea Bowl (Usucha), for think tea which has a warm, grey glaze, with a natural and smooth stained grey crackled surface which was intentionally created during the firing process, with the finger indentations from forming the piece. On the side of the tea bowl, there is an underglaze iron-painted decoration of an expressive Daruma with a gold earring and dressed in his red robe. His fly wise is on the opposite side of the bowl while on the opposite side is a dimple, indicating the front of the bowl and giving the user balance while the piece is to be held while preparing or drinking tea.  The bottom of the bowl and foot is unglazed. The piece does not have an imprint of the maker.

Shino generally refers to a type of low-firing process that was inspired by traditional firing. The original Japanese style of Shino is an outgrowth of Buddhist influences in life and especially in the tea ceremony. Over time and with the development of the Japanese tea ceremony as a distinct form, local ceramics became more highly-priced and developed. Around the Edo period, the chawan was often made in Japan. 

Condition: Excellent, with no chips or damage to the piece.

NOTE: Chawan is a Japanese tea bowl used for serving Matcha, (thick Green Tea), in the Tea Ceremony. It is different than an everyday teacup, (yunomi), which is generally used daily for lighter teas such as sencha or bancha. A winter tea bowl like the one being sold is a deeper bowl used during cold weather to keep the tea hot for longer periods.