Antique Japanese Studio Pottery "Tako Tsubo" Double Handled Jar | Makuzu Kozan

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Dimensions: 7-1/8 h x 7-1/4” Dia

This RARE and superb piece of Studio Pottery “Tako tsubo” handcrafted pot is in a wabi-sabi fashion and from his earlier career. It has a brown heavily textured and irregular stoneware body with a neck formed and shaped by hand, with beautifully proportioned ears. The body has a transparent glaze, allowing one to experience the texture on all sides of the piece. It has mustard green coloration and surfacing of iron elements in the clay created during firing, adding further interest to the overall piece. There is incising throughout the surface of the clay of an undetermined design, emphasizing the sensual and tactile aspects inherent in the piece. On the front portion of the neck, and flowing over one shoulder, is a thick splash of a translucent glaze in white, green, and brown pigments, creating a contrasting, and vitrified, glass-like surface. Kozan's impressed double gourd seal is on the bottom edge of the pot, (the last image that was forwarded to us by a Japanese art historian identified the maker and thought it could be a later Nogeyama Studio Pottery piece influenced by both China and the West). 

Condition: Excellent condition and consistent wear affording the stoneware warmer elegance. No chips, No breakage, no missing elements. Meets all the Museum standards of collectible Folk Art is a rare find and was recently valued at the Antiques Road Show.