Gosho Doll

Japanese Gosho-Ningyo With Spinning Koma | Japanese Doll with Spinning Top

Age:Edo period (1800s)

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Large- 3-0”x3-0”

Being offered is an exceptionally RARE, Gosho doll showing playing with a spinning top (Koma). Gosho-ningyo are perhaps the most lovable of all Japanese dolls and synonymous with their origins in Kyoto Japan. Here you see a seated Gosho, exceptionally detailed, and holding a Koma in his right hand, (we say it is rare because if you search auctions and the internet it is unusual if a Gosho playing with Koma is ever for sale because they are being held in private collections around the world).

The doll is distinctively depicted as a young boy around five years of age. The doll shows the standard corpulent, (chubby) body signifying good health, with a head that is typically large, round, hairless with large ears and side hair fringes. The doll exhibits a childish friendly expression, and facial features small and centered. The uniqueness of this doll is that he shows a particular admiration of his beautifully detailed spinning top in his left palm, with original string held in the right hand, as he sits on his miniature purple satin floor pillow, and proudly shows it to the viewer. The doll is depicted wearing a simple bib,(haragake) which shows beautifully hand-painted traditional motifs of a prominent family child in orange, blue and gold. 

The figure is carved entirely of wood and covered overall in a brilliant white gofun, (a lacquer-like substance made from crushed oyster shell powder mixed with an animal-based glue termed nikawaA true collectors find.

Condition:  Excellent and beautifully detailed as originally crafted, retaining it Gofun finish with minimal negative effects of aging with slight soiling of overall body. No surface cracks, no dings, no chips or missing elements. Repurposed period satin pillow for display purposes. Comes in its kirkwood box.