Japanese Miniature Gosho-Ningyo With Spinning Koma | Japanese Doll with Spinning Top


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Medium-1-1/2” 1-3/4”; Small-1-0”x1-1/2”

Being offered is a pair (2) Gosho playing with spinning tops and three handcrafted vintage standard Koma. Gosho-ningyo are perhaps the most lovable of all Japanese dolls and synonymous with their origins in Kyoto Japan. Here you see one both figures standing and mounted on natural wood plinth bases. 

Each doll shows the standard chubby, corpulent, (chubby) bodies signifying good health. Each have a childish friendly expression, and facial features small and centered. The larger of the miniatures is about to throw his top while the smaller is comically wrapped up in the cord just after spinning his top (each Koma fully detailed). Each doll is distinctive in the depiction of a young boy between the ages of three and five years old. Each doll has a head that is exceptionally large and round, with hairstyles depicted in styles appropriate to their age, and have hair fringes and red ornamentation on the top of their heads, with the smallest having an asian top knot. Each is depicted wearing a simple “bib”, (haragake) which is hand-painted in styles of the period. 

Each body is carved entirely of wood and covered overall in a brilliant white gofun, (a lacquer-like substance made from crushed oyster shell powder mixed with an animal-based glue termed nikawa

Condition:  Excellent and beautifully detailing as originally crafted, retaining it beautiful finish without negative effects of aging. No surface cracks, no dings, no chips or missing elements.