Noh Temple Artifact

Japanese Noh Mask of Kannon (Jizō Bosatsu) | Temple Artifact | Showa Era


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 13-1/4” h x 7-0” w x 5-0”d

For your consideration is an Exquisite Kannon, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy in a rich lacquer finish. This older and unusually large-scale mask was hand-formed with a blissful and serene expression, as seen in the stylized facial features showing a weeping Bosatsu, (below the right eye), and stylized hair.  As for the material, this mask was made by a method called, "Kanshitu-zou," which was used in Japan to make sculptures and masks, in particular using linen cloth, clay, and powders to form the basis, and finally lacquering the outer surface in a beautiful dark gray-black and bronze finish. This wonderful mask is signed/marked on the inside with a paper tag that reads: Jizō Boastsu made by Masato Kudo, Master Carver in the town of Takachiho, on the island of Kyushu, Japan. 

Condition: Excellent condition, beautifully preserved and wear that is consistent with the age and display.  Beautiful detailing and original lacquer finish with no cracks or splits. It is a fine example of a mask that is styled after the Noh Theatre masks, and would be a focal piece to the most discerning collection. Since this piece was once in a temple it is meant to be in a special place complimenting it original intent.