Incense Powder Holder

Japanese Powder Incense Holder | Incense Omamori


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 1-1/2”sq

This Body Powder Holder provides a unique way to take your favorite Body Powder with you. This lidded container holds just the right amount of incense powder for a day's travels. It is finished in polished black lacquer with a gold paulownia blossom Mon (emblem used to decorate or personalize) on the front. It has a purple tassel cord and coral color wood bead to open and close the case.

Powder Incense is considered such vital support to every citizen that incense manufacturers have produced these conveniently travel-size containers so that Japanese travelers can venture forth into their day “armed with their favorite body refreshing incense”.

Condition: Excellent, new, and in functioning condition.