Japanese Vintage Hexagonal Cloisonne’ Trinket Box

Japanese Vintage Hexagonal Cloisonne’ Trinket Box

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Age:1912-1926 (Taisho Period)

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 4”w x 3 ½”d x 1 ½”h           

This very unusual six-sided cloisonné box is a treasure, with a beautifully detailed Ho-o, (Phoenix), bird which is considered an auspicious symbol. The design is very intricate, (note the fine wire work throughout the piece). The colors are different shades of turquoise, mustard, green blues and purple on the lid. There are chrysanthemum blossoms on the sides with an interesting vine motif. The lid is separate and lifts off having an Emerald colored enamel finish. The piece is unmarked.

Vintage Condition: Beautiful with the inlay completely intact with slight pitting on the top lid but not enough to cause concern, or detract from the enjoyment of the enamel work or function of the box. “As is”, and has retained the original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage noted. 

NOTE: Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects, in recent centuries using vitreous enamel, and in older periods also inlays of cut gemstones, glass, and other materials. The resulting objects can also be called cloisonné. The decoration is formed by first adding compartments, (cloisons in French), to the metal object by soldering or adhering silver or gold wires or thin strips placed on their edges. These remain visible in the finished piece, separating the different compartments of the enamel or inlays, which are often of several colors. Cloisonné enamel objects are worked on with enamel powder made into a paste, which then fired in a kiln. A collector should note that the popularity of cloisonné as a whole slumped early in the Taisho era, (1912-1926), and again in 2008. Since dealer prices have been reduced by around 50%, it would be a good time to purchase for the investment will again be realized in the near future when appreciation of the workmanship and popularity returns.