Obi-jime Kimono Accessory

Japanese Vintage Obi-jime Kimono Obi Sash / Kimono Accessory

Age:Vintage from before 1980s

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimension: 49”-54”+- L

Offered is a set of three (3) Obi-jime, one with Claret, a rich purplish-red color, with an exceptional loose and tight box weaving; one that is made up of two joined strands of cream and pink background with black and gold waves; and the third white/green background and stripes of pink and red. These are braided Obi-jime, narrow, handwoven decorative belts that are used either with the obi when wearing a Kimono, or to hold the traditional Yukata (cotton summer kimono) tightly closed. The Obi-jime are used in conjunction with the Obi and in some cases have elaborate decorative clips/clasp (Obi-Dome) to hold the silk belt in place or simply a tassel for knotting. (see:

These pieces were made of pure silk or strips of cotton, and in some cases have motifs to celebrates the seasons in Japan such as snowflakes for the winter, grasses or cherry blossoms representing summer, or have motifs that celebrate historical traditions such as arrows used in archery and Japanese "kyudo" that represent good luck against evil

Condition: All in Very Good, Unused Handwoven condition. Other contemporary uses of the Obi-jime are as a cord belt with jeans, tie for a bathrobe/dressing gown, or modified into intricate Buddhist decorative knotting to enhance fashion accessories such as laptop bags, business backpacks, or tote bags.

NOTE: Traditional Japanese did not wear jewelry but instead created beautiful hair combs and hairpins which are about much more than just styling hair. Japanese Kushi, (combs), and Kanzashi, (hairpin), became expressions of character, social class, religion, and an important part of Japanese fashion for both women and men. The only other traditional Japanese Jewelry was Mikimoto cultured pearl earrings and necklaces.