Japanese Porcelain Sake Set

Japanese Vintage Porcelain Kutani Sake Set | Tokkuri & Guinomi


Age:1926-1989 (Showa Period)

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Tokkuri- 6-0”h x 2-1/2”dia. Guinomi- 2-0”h x 1/3/4”dia.  

This is an exceptional three-piece Kutani sake set that includes a decanter, (Tokkuri), and two small cups, (Guinomi). Each features hand-painted images of the Iris in green, blue, and white and finished in gold trim inspired by the art deco era. The Kutani mark is seen on the bottom of each piece.

Vintage Condition: Excellent as originally made. “As is” with no flaws or cracking, from the effects from aging, and retains the exceptional colors and the original craft/workmanship.

NOTE: An enjoyable way of serving sake celebrates and its role as part of the aesthetic experience of a Japanese meal is to serve it cold as opposed to the traditional warm sake. Guinomi, Choko, and Sakazuki are three words that mean the same thing -- sake cup. Like many aspects of traditional eating and drinking in Japan, sake consumption has its own particular aesthetic and set of specialized serving, (Tokkuri), and drinking vessels, (Guinomi) are common.