Kawase Hasui (Hardcover) | Kendal H. Brown & Shoichiro Watanabe | Boxed 2 Volume Set | 2003 | Hotei (KIT) Publishing (Netherlands) by Kendall H. Brown

Comprehensive and authoritative reference, (in English), to all of Hasui’s life time works. Profusely illustrated with 670 color illustrations, 20 watercolors, and 100 b/w photos—proceeded by an informative background essay by grandson/owner Shoichiro Watanabe. Hotei Publishing produced this book in close cooperation with the daughter and grandson of the original publisher of 90% of Hasui's oeuvre, Shoichiro Watanabe. “The best examples of Hasui's work have been selected for this unusual set”. (Ukiyoe).

This is a RARE COLLECTORS FIRST, UNABRIDGED EDITION, UNCIRCULATED COPY. The publisher sold out of this limited edition in 2003, when it was originally released prior to the second printing advertised on other sites. The set being sold remains unopened and in its original shrink-wrap. There is a great amount of confusion regarding this two-volume set in regard to publication dates and associated images. Yes, the original, unabridged edition was done in 2003, but 2008 second printing has the same ISBN number, which was not changed, but contains alternate woodblock images, along with a DVD made during the 1950s detailing the entire process of producing a woodblock print. Additional confusion with the listing is the dust jacket cover image on the original printed book was that of a moonlighted night scene “Moon at Magome”. The 2008 edition used the snow scene “Ochanomizu“. These differences might help to identify the differences between these editions. In either case, this publication will aid to understand and appreciate the works of this artist and the painstaking process to produce a quality woodblock print and gives great credit to the carvers and printers who do not receive the recognition they deserve for their dedication, skill, and contribution to the finished product. This information was confirmed with Brill Academic Publishers, Inc., who purchased the rights from the original publisher Hotei, (KIT).

Each volume is in its original excellent condition, unbroken spine with dust jacket, and housed in its original cloth-covered box.

Dimensions: Each Volume—9-1/4” x 11-3/4”