Mokume’ Gane by Ian Ferguson Mokume’ Gane by Ian Ferguson


Mokume’ Gane by Ian Ferguson

Age:2004 (Publication Date)

Mokume’ Gane is an ancient Japanese art whose translation means “eye of the wood grained metal”. In this unusual and stunning art form, two or more metals are fused together to become one mass, which is then carved and forged into beautiful patterns, allowing the different colors of metal to show through. For centuries this art has been used to create gorgeous, colorful jewelry, dinnerware, vases and other objects.

This practical handbook delves into the history of Mokume’ Gane, discussing the challenges of the craft as well as the recent developments that have made the art easier to produce. Author Ian Ferguson, one of the world?s leading Mokume’ Gane practitioners, discusses the materials, technical information and equipment used in the process, sharing information on combinations of metals and a beautiful full-color gallery of finished Mokume’ Gane pieces. The book features over 200 photos in all, with over 150 in vibrant color plates.

Condition: Excellent, Like New Softbound with unbroken spine. Printed in English with instructional and informative images.

ISBN: 0-87349-901-8