Japanese Art Glass

Notojima Art Glass Paperweight Rabbit from Kanazawa, Japan



Descriptive qualities& condition:

SeDimensions: 3-1/4”h x 3-0”w x 3-1/4”l 

Offered is a wonderful three-dimensional fat rabbit with red and green colored patterns that are extremely fluid. Space intentionally left blank, is similar to the “negative space” seen in Japanese traditional painting. It has upright ears, two pinches of the glass to form the nose, and a curly tail, (scut).

This expressive figure is from glass specialists at a glassworks called Notojima, where they create original handmade glass sculptures that are exquisite in form. The glass pieces reflect Japanese appreciation of asymmetry, the understanding of beauty in non-identical patterns forming a set, and the value of minimalism. Japanese contemporary glass artists all practice alchemy of glass balancing on the fulcrum of form and function, producing handcrafted glassworks by phases of blowing, grinding, cutting, and burning the glass in a kiln. Japanese glass is unique and varied, yet remains largely unknown in the west.

Condition: Excellent original condition with no breakage.