Itta-bori Carvings - Edisu & Diakoku

Pair of Japanese Vintage Itta-bori Hand Carved Wood Figures of the Two Gods Ebisu (Son) and Diakoku (Father)


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 6-0”h x 3.5” dia.

Here are the two wonderful characterizations and most famous of the Seven Lucky Gods, held in most Japanese households encouraging prosperity and good fortune. Ebisu, The God of Good Fortune, the Ocean, & Fishing Folk Diety, Honest Labor, Patron of Laborers, and finally God of Fair Dealing. He is smiling and shown, wearing hunting robes of a courtier, and holding a fishing rod and a sea bream under his arm, and is a perfect example of joyous occasions referred to as omede-tai. Ebisu is considered the son of Diakoku. Diakoku – is the god of Earth, Farmers, Agriculture, Rice, Wealth, and diety of the Kitchen and a provider of food. As depicted he is always happy looking with a smile on his face and a big bag of money drawn over his shoulder, and holding a magic mallet, (in earlier centuries he was considered a fierce warrior diety). Each are decoratively painted in bright colors and line work defining each character. The two together are perhaps the most popular motif of good luck nationwide. The Ebisu-Daikoku duet, are typically enshrined in kitchens, especially in farming communities. Carver unknown.

Vintage Condition: Excellent representation of each God, “as is” original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage noted. 

NOTE: Itto-bori literally means “one chisel cut”, and if you look closely at the piece you will notice the angles made by the chisel along the dog’s body. Itto-bori is considered a true "Folk Art" among the Japanese people.