Rene Lalique Art Nouveau Combs and Japanese Kanzashi | Lalique Museum Number 728



Dimensions: 9-0”w x 7-0”h

Lalique Museum Softcover Exhibition Catalogue Author unidentified, showing amazing Rene Lalique Hair Combs and Japanese Edo era Combs containing (Japanese/English), 64 Pages, 18 Lalique Items in Photos.  Great photos showing exhibition items and showing the finishing of Japanese Hair Combs. Exhibition demonstrates the similarities and differences of the French and Japanese designs. Text in Japanese but some item descriptions also are in English. 

The exhibit was hosted by the Museum in Hakone, known primarily for glass and an extensive jewelry collection by Japanese and European masters. This wonderful book with subtitle: The Charm of Hair Ornaments, features precious jewelry in their collection. Artisan combs were introduced at the Paris exhibition of 1967 and took the European art world by storm and began a craze in France called Japonisme. Rene Lalique was heavily influenced by Japanese craftspersons, and his comb motifs (swallows, hanging wisteria) and materials (horn), are exhibited in this wonderful publication.

Condition: Excellent first edition, as originally purchased in 2007, (seventeen years ago), showing amazing detailing and color photography. Unbroken spine. For those who cannot read Japanese, the visuals are stunning and self explanatory. Excellent collectors copy which is no longer in print.