Japanese Contemporary Pottery

Ryusei Arita “Wabi-Sabi”, Stoneware Soy Sauce Pot with Saucer | Iga Celadon Soy Dispenser


Age:Contemporary (1998)

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Pot - 3-1/2”dia x 5-0”h; Saucer - 4-0”dia x 1/4”h

Soy sauce has a history of about 3,000 years. It originates from China but the "shoyu" soy sauce is the one native to Japan. Reuse’s interpretations of Iga-yaki ceramics are truly one-of-a-kind works of art; each piece is hand-crafted and, as a result, the shape, color, and coiling with two indentations for ease of handling. This piece features a small spout that takes into account the desirable qualities is a “spout”. The elegant curved shape and surface relief design add to the sense of fashion with its simple shape and ease of manipulation. It has a matte glazed, warm celadon color with a raised foot and wonderfully fashioned lid and handle and deep enough not to fall off when pouring -- which emphasizes its beauty referred to as, wabi-sabi, something supporting the user's experience. The piece has the incised mark of Ryusei Arita.

Condition: Excellent Condition, Original Unaltered and as made with no Imperfections.

NOTE: Ryusei, who epitomizes aesthetic philosophy was born in Japan and has grown to be an internationally renowned ceramic artist. See the publication focused on his technical skills entitled: Personal Author: Arita, Ryusei; Source: Ceramics Technical, No. 31, Nov 2010: 3-6 Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1324-4175.

Reyusi Arita Profile

1963 Established his United States residence as an international student and established his studio in Berkeley California

1966-68 Studied with American ceramics leader Peter Voulkos

1973 Graduated from California Institute of Technology

1977 Peter Voulkos Video Documentary Production

1978 -79 San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art

Presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art, New York

Participant at Life ceramics “on the table”, a webshop of Mashie ware kiln “Yoshikawa kiln”

Tamagawa Art University Nishimura Nakamura Presented at a pottery class

1980-86 San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art

1989 Participated in the Peter Crow Anatomist Workshop in New Jersey

1994 Construction of kiln and studio in Elk Valley, California

1997 Solo exhibition at Gallery Piazza San Francisco