Toh-Volume 56 The Best Selections of Contemporary Ceramics in Japan by Kyoto Shoin Ltd. | Ceramics by Yoshihiko Yoshida


Age:1992 (Publication Date)

Yoshida was born in 1936 and studied with the late Living National Treasure Arakawa Toyozo (1894-1985) starting in 1956 and established his own kiln in 1969. Yoshida's workshop is set within a dense forest in the hills of  Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. His work is subdued, understated, refined, contemplative, graceful, and honest. I asked him upon viewing a lovely pastel Shino vase how he gets the colors, he turned to me and said matter-of-factly, "Shizen (it's natural)." It best describes the man himself, and his work.

There's nothing fancy, contrived, or boisterous about Yoshida's Shino, Setoguro (Black Seto), Shirokesho (white slip), or Dobai (wood-ash glaze) pieces. They are organic and draw one in as if they were black holes. Quite traditional in their styles and forms there's still a modern sentiment as well. Each chawan (tea bowl) is like a soothing hand held haiku for these very troubled times. Yoshida fires Aka-Shino, Ash-glazed, Ki-Seto, white-glazed wares and Setoguro wares with the exception of Oribe. All featured in this publication. 

Robert Yellin notes that in Japan, tea and Zen are the same, and it takes a man of Zen to make a worthy chawan and pottery of this exceptional quality and design. Yoshida, in his "no complexity," "no mind" and in the way he distances himself from civilization, has given us city dwellers the chance to drink from a small well of tranquillity. His work is full of a monk-like personality; calm and deep. Soul in the hand, timeless, grounding, delicately exquisite, full of mystery and grace, supportive of a lone man and not multinational conglomerates, honest. It is of course a luxury to own such art and not all feel a need to hold a Yoshida chawan. So be it. But one touch of his work leaves a lasting impression. This rare book celebrates his life work.

Condition: Excellent, Like New, Rare Hardbound, Oversized

NOTE: Some Historical Facts about Yoshihiko Yoshida

Born in Utsunomiya, 1936

Studied under Toyozo Arakawa

Solo Exhibitions at Utsunomiya Romandou

Published Exhibitions by the Gallery Hana, Collection of Works I, II, III