Japanese Guinomi

Tousen Nakazato Sakazuki Guinomi (Sake Cup) | Shiinomine-gama Kiln



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 1-1/4” h x 2-3/4”dia

This colorful beautful flat Sakazuki sake cup is wonderful and a unique and purchased from the Nakazato family kiln in Karatsu, Saga prefecture, on the Southern Island of Kyushu. It displays a handsome varied warm yellow ocher ash glaze, with a grainy texture finish, that is a “one-off” creation affording uniqueness and creating an expressive individual cup. The bottom is finished with a short raised foot. The piece has an incised mark referred to as Kamjirushi, which identify the piece to a potter and kiln. Additionally the artist’s signature and identifying marks are on the top of the original kiriwood box.

This unique piece possesses what is referred to as Yo no bi, (“beauty through use”), which is a term that is often heard in the Japanese utsuwa world. Beautiful crafted guinomi, such as the piece offered comes alive when liquid is placed within its boundaries. The piece stands alone as wonderful example of ceramic art, not answering the yo no bi call until touched by a user's hand and spirit. 

The term Sakazuki which is a ritual of exchanging sake cups as a means of pledging friendship. The word itself refers to ceremonial cups used on special occasions.

Condition: Excellent condition as produced by the artist, retaining the original craft/workmanship. There is no discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage. 

NOTE: Takashi Nakazato the father of several children who became famous pottery and is a master potter from Karatsu, Japan. He represents the 13th generation of an unbroken line of family potters dating back to the late 1300s. In Japan, the members of his family are considered National Living Treasures. Takashi’s work typically combines elements of his Japanese heritage, his influence from Korean potters, with his own innovative style and technique, known as “Karatsu Nanban.” 
1937 Born in Karatsu as the fifth son of the late Muan Nakazato, National Treasure
1961 Awarded the First Prize in the 10th Modern Japanese Pottery Exhibition
1967 Traveled to the USA, Europe, South-East Asia, Middle-East, Korea.
1971 Invited to Tanegashima Island to research and started the Tanegashima-yaki.
1974 Returned to Karatsu. Started Ryuta-gama in Karatsu.
1985 Awarded the Modern Pottery Prize by the Japan Pottery Association
    Invited to many kilns in Japan for collaboration with potters.
    Recently he is world renowned with his activity in Denmark, USA, Jamaica
    He is well-known as a generous supporter for the baroque music.