Bizen Yaki Okimono

Vintage Bizen Yaki Japanese Ceramic Okimono Statue of Monk


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 4-1/4”h x 2-3/4”w x 2-1/4 d 

Shown is a Vintage, unglazed Bizen-yaki Okimono of a standing figure of a Monk is wearing a simple robe, oversized ears, and a byakugō, is a spiral or circular dot, placed on his forehead as an auspicious mark. It beautifully realized with precision and skill, imbued a smiling face and expressive eyes with the look of peacefulness and serenity that brought this monk to the religious life.  The fully rendered stoneware figure has an ironlike hardness, and sandy surface known as Goma, (sesame seed), which is the direct result of weeks of high-temperature firing, accumulating charcoal ashes melt from the heat that stuck to the surface and become a glaze. As intended, while firing the ash produce a dark spot/area on the head and back of the piece leaving a random and attractive coloration on the surface. Artist signed in script but unidentified.

Condition: Excellent Condition, as fired with no cracks or Chips.

NOTE: As collectors are aware, Bizen pottery doesn’t employ ornate coloring or painting, instead using only natural patterns created by the flame/firing for a beautiful warmth.