Japanese Silver Figure

Vintage Japanese 950 Sterling Daruma figure on Rosewood Stand


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 1-7/8”h x 1-1/4”w

Vintage Sterling Silver 950 Daruma, (JAPANESE WISH DOLL ), the figure marked Sterling on the back. This beautifully formed Daruma is hollow emphasizing his expressive face with zinc and gold eyes and affixed to a rosewood stand. The artist's kanji is on the back of the figure with the symbol Sterling next to the name.

Condition: Excellent in form, design, material manipulation, and finish. The stand is specifically scaled and made for this figure honorably raising it from the surface.

NOTE: Daruma’s presence in the life and culture of Japan has recorded its diverse manifestations and their symbolic role suggesting the complex interrelatedness of Daruma with Japanese customs. As a distinctive Japanese image, Daruma is a product of multiple sources: history, legend, mystical experience, sectarian rivalry, artistic genius, popular imagination and inventiveness, and aspirations intrinsic to the formation of Japanese culture and the definitions of Japanese character.