Japanese Antique Childs Kimono

Vintage Japanese Childs Kimono with Tamari Ball Motif | Hand Made, Hand Stitched, Resist Dyed and Shibori Silk



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 32-0” L (fully opened) x 12-0” shoulder to shoulder x 9-0”w sleeves

This is a wonderful garment that embodies the Japanese indispensable concept of “mottainai”, and when one can prolong the textiles useful life through recycling and reuse. This sewing tradition was passed down from mother to daughter, from each generation to the next, and was part of the basic homemaking repertoire of the Japanese household. This child’s kimono was made for an older child, but altered (basting which is a longer hand stitch that was used as a stabilizer to hold layers of fabric together), and to fit a younger girl so that as she grew older, the kimono could be let down to accommodate her growth. This process also worked in the reverse to accommodate other children in the family.

This Meisen silk kimono, (Meisen silk was a popular fabric for casual kimono from 1920 to 1950, due to it being affordable and in part because the designs, frequently drawing on Japanese tradition). The garment features a varying size tamari ball motif, as well as “kiku” (chrysanthemums), 'botan'(peony), “kaede” (maple leaf), and some other flowers are designed on the surface. The piece is lined in red silk and has very vibrant purple, persimmon, orange, yellow and green in its design. In today's world, Vintage Japanese Silk Child's Kimono makes a wonderful decorative piece for display. 

Vintage Condition: Piece in Excellent “as is” condition and as originally made. Having considerable age, the garment is completely sound, wearable, unfaded and unsoiled. Shibori fully intact.