Vintage Japanese Daruma Character Sake Guinomi Game Set

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Dimensions: 1-5/8”h x 4-1/2”l x 3-3/4”w

This Beautiful and rare hand-carved wood and the lacquered container are shaped in the figure of the Japanese character DARUMA. This monk is the symbol representing restless dreaming and is accredited with the founding of Zen Buddhism and the father of numerous types of martial arts including archery. The container and set of the nesting, five sake cups including the lid, which is also a sake cup, since the Japanese believe in odd numbers. It has the original dice with sold motifs indicating which cup the players are to drink from after taking their turn throwing the single dice and seeing the amount of sake one has to drink. All are fully finished in the characteristic, red lacquer for which Daruma's characteristic face is seen in a gold leaf square on the lid accents detailing his face with eyes fully opened with definitive eyebrows, and this, traditional facial hair, and a large wide nose. The lower portion of the container has a sumi-e’ sketch suggesting his robe.

Many Shinto items of this type find new life as cherished religious items, for which foreigners sometimes use them when practicing Shinto outside Japan.  Many of the Japanese who we have discussed this with tell us religious figures are so pleased to learn that old items of their native faith are often well received by Shinto believers abroad who continue the practice.

NOTE: For the Japanese, the number five holds tremendous significance in nearly all its Buddhist traditions. It refers to the Five Colors (Goshiki), the Five Senses (Goshiki), the Five Wisdoms (Gochi), the Five Buddha (Gobutsu), and a host of other important philosophies including the goddess and the homonymous planet.

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Condition: Mint meaning the piece is perfect. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces or restoration, and retains its original workmanship, details, and finish. The artifact functions as intended, and meets all the standards of collectible Vintage Traditional Folk Art.