Chirimen Silk Bag

Vintage Japanese Goldfish Silk Kimono Wrist Bag | Kinchaku Drawstring Bag


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 5-0”h x 4-0”w 1x 0-0”l 

This is a individually designed and exceptional handcrafted three-dimensional Chirimen silk bag in the shape of a Gold Fish with large protruding eyes, a wonderful expressive tail, and a top opening to gain access to the interior with drawstrings. It was created and crafted by a 90 year old Japanese woman whose parents were Kimono makers. She focused and learned how to make other decorative items such as miniature Kimono, and silk brooches, all hand made and hand stitched from small scaled silks to compliment her designs.

As with this piece, Kinchaku bags were traditionally made with chirimen, which are kimono fabrics. They are most often made with a round, square or freeform bottom. This Goldfish bag incorporates pink, aqua, red and cream colors in the design and made as an evening bag to carry the bare essentials, and because of the quality of the material was to be worn with formal attire. This is an exceptional find for the collector of unique and unusual Japanese fiber arts for you will not find another like it. Exceptional silk bags continue to be extremely popular with women in Japan throughout history and often given as gifts for a special individual.

Vintage Condition: It's in Excellent “as is” condition and as originally hand crafted.

NOTE: Kinchaku bags were also used to hold a gift destined for a dear friend or relative connected to a significant personal event or to hold jewelry. Like many other Japanese historical traditions, this age-old custom is rarely practiced and currently truly fine silk Kinchaku bags are only occasionally made.