Vintage Japanese Hand Carved Traditional Character of DARUMA


Dimensions: 1-1/2”h x 2-1/2”w

This wonderful hand carving is made of one piece of paulownia wood having an exceptionally expressive face under his traditional garment in which the garment has draped, rounded folds around the neckline, which falls below the collarbone and is referred to as a cowl (monk’s hood). The expressive face is recognized as Daruma having a determined expression and tiny black eyes. His eyebrows are said to be shaped like cranes or his beard is like turtles, representing longevity. Carvers started applying this shape on the Daruma to match the Japanese prover “The crane lives 1000 years and the turtle 10,000”. After the carving, the squatted shape figure was finished with natural candle wax, (Rosoku no ro). The piece is unsigned.

Condition: Excellent Vintage condition and commensurate with age with a wonderful natural patina.