Japanese Antique Scholar's Desk Okimono

Antique Japanese Ivory and Silver Egret Okimono


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 1-1/2”h x 3/8” square on 1/4”h stand

This Antique Scholar's desk Okimono represents a naturally toned Ivory Pillar with a naturalistically rendered Egret with body, feathered tail, and legs applied in silver looking up at birds flying in front of a inlayed sun of gold. This small detailed bird is standing amongst a pine tree and reeds in his most natural coastal setting near a farmer’s field. Wonderful for a collector of small decorative objects.

Scholar’s objects were luxury goods of their time and represented so much more than monetary wealth. Items such as the one represented was the physical embodiment of the scholar’s intellectual curiosity and aesthetic taste. These literati class had studios surrounded by gardens in the cities filled with beautiful objects of admiration, carefully placed on display stands to set them apart as objet d'art to be admired.

Antique Condition: Beautifully and original patinated with wonderful feel to the hand. Attached to a miniature rosewood scroll stand.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTA special Thanks to preservation efforts, animals and endangered materials (e.g. ivory and rare woods) are conservatively used today, if not banned altogether. However, we recognize that these materials have been important since ancient times for making a wide range of functional and decorative items. We only feature antique ivory and rare tree species because, while we support conservation, we truly feel that the experience and appreciation of historic artifacts should also be preserved.