Vintage Japanese Pottery

Vintage Japanese Oribe Bamboo Form Yakimono | Vintage Japanese Tea Ceremony Kaiseki Mukozuke Serving Piece



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Lrgr- 1-3/4”h x 8-3/4”w x 3-3/4”d; Smllr- 1-0”h x 4-1/4”w x 2-1/2”d

This RARE two-piece set of Oribe rectangular serving dishes are inspired by the hallow culm of vertically cut green timber bamboo with the internodes as part of the design, and specifically designed as a support piece for the Kaiseki Mukosuke used in a Japanese Tea Ceremony. The soft rugged shape gives the pieces a rustic appeal and the thick deep blue glaze floats slightly in the green glaze that imbues each piece with a sense of warmth. Easily recognizable by its distinctive green glaze, Oribe yaki has four main types; E-Oribe (patterns done with iron copper underglaze), Kuro-Oribe (an almost black, dark green glaze), Ao-oribe (light green glaze), and Aka-Oribe (incised patterns covered with various glazes). This simple but expressive set reflect the artist’s singular process of kiln firing combined with artistic handling on the wheel and dynamic hand-building. Both pieces are incised with the artist's mark.

Pottery has been produced in the Mino area of Gifu prefecture since the Kamakura period (the end of the 12th century). The main names synonymous with Mino are Oribe, Shino and Kizeto. The set being offered is Oribe yaki and one of the many wares produced in the prolific pottery producing areas around Seto, Aichi prefecture and Tajimi, Gifu prefecture. 

Condition: Excellent condition as originally formed. No imperfections with a wonderful “hand” to the touch.