Vintage Japanese Pair of Rectangular Oribe (kaiseki) Serving Dishes

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Dimensions: 3/4”h x  5-1/4” w x 9-1/8” l

Offered are two companion rectangular Oribe dishes. The stoneware body shows a white slip crackling glaze base and painted iron-brown underglaze textured highlights on the surface.

One of the most frequent uses of ceramics in the culture of eating, certainly the first the guests see, is a dish used to hold something to eat with sake, now known as the mukozuke course. Tea people enjoy the contrast in everything, and with these pieces, the ceramicist has taken greater freedom to move the clay, molding, and manipulating it to result in an interesting pattern. Color in “mukozuke” service is a consideration in relation to the food served. Most commonly, the mukozuke courses employ complementing serving pieces of light white, earth, or neutral colors. The two being sold represent that type of tea ceremony pieces. Both have an unidentified impressed mark on the bottom.

Condition: Excellent condition with all esthetic elements showing natural texturing and imperfections. No chips, cracks, or breaks with its original finish.

NOTE: What makes these once functional objects collectible is that they have grown over time changing the direction of folk art, and now are considered objects of art. This is because of the historic aspects such as radical designs, how a piece was first conceived, technique, its age, and rarity. Authentic arts and high crafts also become important to collectors because sentimental value celebrates a particular place in time, activity, intrinsic value, or real value to those who collect.