Vintage Japanese Porcelain Okame Sake Cup (Guinomi) entitled: “Ōku no kōun | Much Good Fortune”

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Dimensions: 1-1/2”d x 1-3/4” dia.  

This wonderfully expressive porcelain sake cup, (cups used for drinking sake and are small cylindrical vessels called o-choko). This unused piece is based on Otafuku, (Okame), 1392-1569), who remains one of Japan's least analyzed yet beguiling figures. Here the artist captured her spirit by showing merry and expressive eyes, a definitive nose, tiny red mouth nugget to convey robust health, and earthy simplicity, and greets each new situation with laughter and bright-heartedness. Her delineated face shows chin wrinkles indicating the doll represents a worldly woman, who always showed two circular dots on her forehead, with a Buddhist hairstyle reminiscent of the type when the hair was draped down the back of the head. The piece has an impressed maker's mark on the bottom. 

See the book entitled Otafuku: Joy of Japan in our book section.

Condition: Excellent for its age with exquisite detailing, no fading or chipping, and commensurate with age. New at the time and Unused.