Vintage Japanese Rustic Burl Wood Ikebana Container


Dimensions: 4-0”h x 10-0”w x 11-1/2”l

A Japanese Meiji period Ikebana/Plant container made from a Keyaki, (Elmwood) trunk in which the section has been hollowed from a single oval trunk. This large hand-carved, natural-shaped bowl has a thick edge, gnarled and polished tight grain exterior, mounted on a plinth base. It has a purposely smoothed top, polished to expose a fine-grained surface, with naturalistic natural root-bark sides the top is smoothly polished to expose a fine-grained surface.

It takes an expert’s eye to recognize the beauty and potential of root and burl treasures that are found in the wild. Skilled artisans then transform these natural wonders into functional and unique works of art. The piece has an untranslated script signature on the bottom.

Condition: Excellent condition meaning that the piece has one minor splinter in the side of the plinth base that does not distract or interfere with its function. A beautiful patinated finish, retaining the original craftsmanship. Meets the standards of the collector of the Japanese folk art genre.