Antique Japanese Kokeshi Silver Shakers

Vintage Japanese 950 Sterling Kokeshi Salt & Pepper Shakers Set



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 2-1/2”h x 3/4”w

Offered here is a wonderful vintage set of Japanese Kokeshi sterling salt & pepper shakers for the 1950s. They are marked "950 Sterling" on the bottom. Each has hand engraved faces and chrysanthemum flower and maple leave motif on their obi and kimono of this traditional style Kokeshi. The salt shaker has four holes at the top and the pepper shaker has five smaller holes. Each has simulated bangs and hair fringes. They stand on a low pedestal footed bottom that has threading to remove and fill with salt or pepper. They measure 2-1/2 " tall and contain 4.2grams of silver.

Vintage Condition: Each is in excellent estate condition with a soft, warm, original finish. the pair is in original condition with clear, crisp detail, with no monograms, removals, repairs, or alterations, which make this an especially attractive offering.

NOTE: Japanese 95% silver exceeds the requirement for sterling silver is always marked 950. Standard silver qualifies as sterling but is softer than 950 sterling pieces which were used originally to make Japanese sword blades which required hard surfaces to cleanly cut through the surface and to hold up through extensive abuse.