Wooden Carved Daruma Figure

Vintage Japanese Wooden Folk Craft Carving of Dancing Daruma | Okimono of Daruma Dancing Coming to Life


Age:Late Meiji Period

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 3-1/8” x 1-0”dia.

A Japanese whimsical, expressive Kiriwood hand carved figure depicting Daruma “dancing coming to life” with arms extended above his head with one leg raised. He has a decorative Cowl over his head with white expressive eyes and facial expression. This is a decorative object found in Japanese homes during this period. This interpretation is atypical and inspired by the urban culture of the Tokugawa period (1603-1868), when many sacred images were presented in a humorous and irreverent way. 

Condition: Excellent, original condition, consistent with age and standards of collectable art, with all details perfect and as crafted. 

NOTE: Daruma, (Bodhidharma) is the Japanese abbreviation of the name of Bodhidharma the founder of Zen Buddhism. The depictions of Daruma are widespread in Japanese art. Daruma is considered by Zen Buddhists to be the twenty-eighth Patriarch in a lineage that is traced directly back to Gautama Buddha himself.