Hand Carved Wood Gold Fish

Vintage Set of Three Japanese Handcarved Black Moor, Pop Eye Goldfish | Demekin Goldfish with Bulging Glass Eyes


Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: Two large measuring 4.0”l and one Sm. 3-0”l

The Black Moor, also known as “Dragon eyes”, is a beautiful goldfish that is known for it's large and protruded telescoping eyes and unique physical body traits. Originally, the Black Moor was bred in China in the early 1700’s which makes the Black Moor one of the oldest goldfish breeds to date. The Black Moor was brought to Japan in the late 1700’s where they were named “Demekin”, and were always treasured by displaying them in large ceramic fish bowls in interior atriums and courtyards.

This grouping of three are sold to exemplify the diversity of types through carving; the smallest is made of Cedar, the middle size is of Rosewood and the largest is of Paulownia all with 3D texturing unique to each piece. Each display intricate detail, giving the fish a feeling of movement, as each body is slightly curved as if in a swimming mode. A lovely decorative grouping for the fish enthusiast.   

Condition:  Excellent and beautifully detailed as originally crafted, polished and nicely patinated  from the effects of aging. No dings, chips or missing elements.