Watercolors of Paul Jacoulet by Richard Miles Watercolors of Paul Jacoulet by Richard Miles


Watercolors of Paul Jacoulet by Richard Miles


This is the FIRST & ONLY EDITION (1981), consisting of 83 pages, 54-color, and 13 black and white plates, and bibliography. The book is a complete chronology of Jacoulet his collections and exhibitions, with paintings examples from his travels throughout Asia, Pacific Islands, Korea, Japan, China, Manchuria, and the Philippines, Includes a self-portrait, beautiful women and men, flowers, and orchids. Jacoulet's paintings were the proto-types for his woodblock color prints.
This is an important resource for Paul Jacoulet’s paintings and Shin-Hanga woodblock prints. Paul Jacoulet, whose mother was French lived in Japan. He was inspired to draw Japanese subjects at an early age. He continued throughout his life to follow his love of painting and drawing throughout Asia. The book is complete with a fine biographical study on Jacoulet. This work shows the great diversity of Jacoulet, his sensitive and fine-line drawings, and paintings. He skillfully worked in soft, pastel, and gouache coloring. His keen ability to capture the essence of his subject is superb. His meticulous work remains as a fine example of his portraits of people throughout Asia.
Excellent, Like New condition.
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