Year of the Goat by Nigel Suckling

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This book is made for folks who were born in the Year of the Goat! Celebrate the occasion with this gorgeously illustrated guide that honors the goat's influence throughout China's mystical past. The enlightening collection covers everything from the animal's earliest appearance in classical literature and folktales right up to its place in contemporary Chinese astrology. Along with an illuminating interpretation of what the goat symbolizes in Chinese society, there's a comprehensive profile of people born under the sign--who are very often highly creative and artistically talented. They'll see how they should approach compatible and incompatible signs, trace conflicts within their chart, and find new strategies for dealing with strengths and weaknesses.

Discover how the elements--wood, fire, earth, metal, and water--have influenced the basic sign, too. Beautiful to look at and engrossing to read, this is a book that even non-Goats will enjoy owning! 

Condition: Excellent, like new, unused with an unbroken spine. Great Graphic design and images.