Antique Chinese Jade "Dragon" Belt Buckle | Garment Hook

Sale price$475.00

Dimensions: 2-7/8”l

Offered is a Jade Buckle | Hook with a dragon motif in celadon jade, and what appears to be a baby dragon lying on the underside of the father dragon. These buckles were used to secure the leather belts for warriors which were a symbol and rank insignia for the privileged class. What you would do is you would have a fabric loop that would go over the head of the dragon and another loop over the back, and you would take this loop on and off as you put your belt back on. By the Qing dynasty, they had completely lost their practical function, turning into desktop ornaments for scholarly studios. Acquired in San Francisco from a Hong Kong antique dealer in 1979.

Condition: The Garment Hook is in excellent condition on all surfaces without imperfections.