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Vintage and modern japanese Kokeshi Dolls Vintage and modern japanese Kokeshi Dolls
Japanese Antique Folk Art Japanese Antique Folk Art

The hidden beauty of everyday objects


Mingei Arts represents a diverse collection of Japanese folk arts— antique and vintage objects of beauty, vitality and charm, illuminating the history and daily life of ordinary Japanese people and artisans of the 18th to the 21st centuries.

We welcome domestic and international vintage and modern Kokeshi fans, and we thank you for visiting our site.

“Folk art stirs memories of place, affirms individual taste and identity, and a trace of life’s everlasting impressions”

NEW eBook!

Our newest eBook explores the multi-media artifacts focused on Bodhidharma who is the legend Zen patriarch known as Daruma. As legend says, he sat in a cave for nine years without blinking or moving his eyes in an effort to reach enlightenment.

This illustrative book explores the diversity of what symbolizes and represents Daruma in the world of Japanese interpretive art. 


Expressions of Daruma in Folk Art

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Japanese Vintage Wood Spinning Tops

Japanese Set of Nine Traditional Fruit Spinning Tops | Vintage Koma

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