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Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Dolls

The Kokeshi-kojin is a craftsperson who creates figures from beginning to end, and Kokeshi collectors are drawn to the aesthetic beauty and simplicity of form by these spirit-infused, lathe-turned dolls. Created as toys for children, and souvenirs for the Japanese traveler, Kokeshi represent different aspects of daily life in Japanese society, which began in the early 1940s, flourished from 1950 through the 1970s, and continues, even today.

Having been involved in research for thirty years with the members of the Tohoku and Gifu Kindai Association, writing two softbound books on the subject of Sosaku Kokeshi, as well as publishing two e-Books on collecting, we feature in this section a variety of dolls adorned with motifs representing history, folk tales, abstract interpretations of fashion, nature, and everyday life.