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Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Dolls

Many collectors looking to buy kokeshi dolls are drawn to the beauty and simplicity of the Japanese wooden dolls. Created as toys and totems for children, kokeshi dolls represent different aspects of Japanese society. The art of Sosaku, (Creative), and modern Kokeshi doll making began in the early 1940s, grew and flourished in the 1950s-60s, and well into the 70s. Kokeshi represent a measure of the spirit-infused status of the wood, and they are believed to retain the material’s original sacred and natural qualities. 

The images represented in this section of Sosaku Kokeshi typically fall into one of three categories: iconic scenes, significant themes and motifs in history and literature, and objects in everyday life. Additionally, the seasons have been celebrated in Japan for centuries, and have influenced design on all forms of art produced in that country.