Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Chihaya | Autumn Chill” by Sekiguchi, Toa

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Dimensions: 10-0”h

Toa-san definitely shows off his artistic, painterly abilities with this creation being exquisitely detailed on a vermillion background. Silver and gold interpretations of wheat blowing in the wind, and cloud-filled skies with thoughts of an evening sunset set the theme. The young girl's face is looking upwards, as though she were looking to the night sky. The painting is mainly focused on the front of the doll, with the back in solid black an inperpretation of her long flowing hair. The doll is signed in script on the bottom. The doll published in Sosaku Kokeshi: Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement, 2022 by Evans & Wolf.

Condition: Superb outstandingly, exceptional, impressive, and beautiful condition. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the collectible Sosaku Kokeshi. 

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Son of Sansaku, Toa was born in Shibukawa City, Gunma-ken, and still lives and works there with his family, all of whom create Sosaku Kokeshi. Winner of many awards, he received the Ministry of International Trade Industry Award in 1978. Since then he has won the Prime Minister’s Award, along with other respected commendations.